Professional Fisherman by day, Sushi chef by night! Chef Jae Lee has always been a chef at heart. Growing up in Korea as a young child, he was always making his own food and experimenting with fusion cooking and flavors by transforming a simple everyday ingredient like instant cup noodle into a fancy noodle soup by adding in seafood and other spices. After immigrating to America to pursue his culinary dream, Chef Jae Lee owned and ran a successful Japanese restaurant but, sold it when he realized that he still had dreams of broadening his culinary knowledge and enrolled into the International Culinary Institute where he furthered his professional culinary skills and expertise. Upon graduation, he worked at his family’s restaurant as a chef for a few years before fulfilling his dream about owning his own Japanese restaurant once again. His dreams were realized as he opened Kazuma Sushi utilizing French and Vietnamese techniques to create Fusion Sushi demonstrating his culinary talents. Chef Jae Lee holds himself to high standards using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients in his dishes. He loves interacting with customers and seeing them enjoy the food he has created with various techniques he has acquired with his 17+ years of experience in the culinary world. Thus Kazuma Sushi was born.


Kazuma Sushi Restaurant is located in Fremont Galleria Plaza. Kazuma has traditional and non-traditional Japanese cuisine with unique fusion flavors that is a treat for your taste buds. We use the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and we guarantee that our fish is never frozen and is delivered fresh daily to the restaurant. Our menu is a unique fusion of French/Vietnamese technique. Our focus is to give you the best experience for all of your senses! Enjoy our full bar with a wide selection of sake, wine and draft beer!